Thursday, 28 April 2011

The squirrel that hoarded nuts but when winter came realised he had no acorns...

Spurred on by my quest to create a style from what I already have, and to pioneer quality fashion over disposable trends, armed with a Starbucks chocolate blended cream I took to my wardrobe to identify, categorise and critique my pieces.

I have eleven what I would call quality, classic and timeless pieces:

1. The LBD
A coast little black dress – bought for my mum’s 60th birthday last year and worn twice. This has a fitted bottom and silky bouffount style bust and makes me look as though I’m a curvy voluptuous woman, rather than the slight 7 ½ stone 5 foot waif that I am. A definite keeper to get me through any LBD occasion in true Audrey Hepburn style!

2. The knitted black dress

A Whistles recent season dress – Back knitted with button fastenings down both sides. An amazing fit and so comfortable. Can be work for work, dinners out, or any time I want to rock a smart feel. Heels or boots, black tights or nude, clutch or tote – it can wear them all.

3. The animal print dress
A Karen Millen dress from a few seasons ago but in a classic animal print. Not tacky – in great material with an amazing fit. Completely rocks the going out look.

4. The wrap dress

LK Bennett mustardy colour sleeveless wrap dress. A gorgeous dress but being 100% silk each time I wear it I’m left thinking how it is costing me £7.50 in dry cleaners bills. Perhaps
worth giving a go in my mum ‘s special silk wash washing machine. Everyone needs a wrap dress. Winter with a polo neck underneath, summer as it is. Done deal.

5. The print dress

Ralph Lauren current season oh my god so beautiful I want to marry it equestrian print dress. Fits like it was made for me, and cost less than half price at £81 thanks to the extra 20% off sale prices (thanks Ralph)! Work wear by adding a blazer, lunch wear with flat espadrilles, and evening wear with heels and loads of gold jewellery. And it’s hand wash too!!! What more could a girl want?

6. The jacquard jumper

Whistles jumper – black with a beige pattern. Low shoulders but not low enough to see your bra strap. Skims the bust and flares out slightly around waist. Hand wash only but due to its baggy nature can usually get a few wears out of it before having to wash.

*I wish that was me but that is the model from the Whistles website


7. The batwing jumper

Beige batwing jumper with black stripes from Jaeger. Reminiscent of the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s all rolled into one piece of clothing. Dress down with flares for that Claudia classic look (with sunglasses of course) or with a black skirt for work maybe?

8. The oversized jumper

Whistles winter 10/11 jumper – animal print style, cream and orangy – autumnal colours. Very oversized and fun to wear with skinny jeans and over the knee boots. Not sure how I could wear for work, but could see this being a winner for casual in many ways – skirts, jeans, leggings, shorts…

9. The plain jumper

Again batwing, with a sort of slit neck – gorgeous purple colour from FWM. Very versatile – have worn for both casual, work and going out. I may try teaming up with a scarf for a different look.

10. The breton jumper

Family favourite blue and white striped jumper, silk but still hand washable from French Connection. Total casual staple.


11. The big bag

Mulberry Bayswater in oak – probably the most timeless and Claudia like bag I can think of.

And then of course there are other – one-season only pieces.

The problem I think I’m going to have is that the majority of these are winter items, and seeing as we seem to be having a summer in spring and the weather is currently in the twenties – what do I wear now?

Today, I have tried to make the most of some of my throw-away pieces, and my outfit for today comprises a River Island animal print skirt, Warehouse cream blouse, black platforms from Office (not a key item but I’d definitely say one of my staples), loads of jewellery and the faithfull Bayswater!

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