About me....

I'm a shopper, a poet,a Starbucks drinking know-it (all).
I'm a laugher, a crier, a Starbucks chocolate muffin buyer.
I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm usually good but sometimes I'm bad.
I'm a liker, a lover, and one day I hope to be a mother.

I love shoes and clothes and things made of silk,
make-up, glamour and chocolate milk.
I love cats and bears and baking treats,
reading books, surfing ebay and keeping things neat.

I'm dainty and petite, like a Christmas elf
and have Weldon, Attwood and Jostein on my shelf.
I call anything under 3 inches flats,
and now have a reputation based on just that.

I hope my life is full and worthy, the girl about town reveals her story.

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