Tuesday, 16 August 2011

After the flowers had attacked she felt free and fresh

Just a quick post of an outfit I wore the other day with a top I love.  It's a Jigsaw summer top in a peach colour with a floral type design.  One of the reasons I love it is the great cleavage it gives my tiny B cup frame, but it's also really versatile.  I'm wearing it with jeans in the photo, but I've also worn it with black trousers or a black skirt for work too.  The older I get, the more I find that I don't have just a 'work wardrobe', a 'casual wardrobe' and a 'going out wardrobe'.  Although I do have some pieces that are clearly only for one situation - the LBD would hardly be appropriate for work or for nipping to Starbucks, and I'd look out of place wandering around a car boot sale in a suit, but for the main, I'm finding I want my pieces to really work for their money, and I want to be able to wear them to many situations.

Take for example, my favourite red blazer you've seen in many photos.  I can wear that anywhere - work, with jeans, over a nice dress for going out.  I wear it to death, and the more I wear it, the more I love it and feel glad I bought it.

I'm going to try to post again later as today is my last day at work for several weeks, for various reasons, and I want to write about my plans! But for now, a quick photo of my summery top.

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