Thursday, 11 August 2011

Feeling scared...

I've been wanting to post for a few days, but have been quite side-tracked with all the rioting and looting going on across the UK.

We were lucky to only have very minor copycat attempts where I live, but even so, I've still spent most of this week feeling quite scared, and actually a bit depressed about the state of the country.  It makes me want to up sticks and head off somewhere where things are simpler.  But problmes are global, and wherever you go I'm sure there is not escape.  Plus it appears as though the world is on the brink of a double dip recession!  Great eh!  So, while I've been taking photos to post up, I didn't really feel that inspired.  It just felt so trivial compared to what was going on in London, Manchester, Birmingham etc...

I think we are over the worst of it by now, and everyone is on a big clean up and trying to get back to normal.

I spent £20 last night in boots on various products to cheer myself up:

I've been finding lately sometimes after I eat I get stomach cramps.  Usually this only happens with red meat, but I've been finding it happening with more foods lately so thought I'd give these a try.  Plus my doctor always recommends I take some multivitamins too so here goes...

L'Oreal Glam SHine 6 hours in Fresh Fushcia - it looks great but even better it tastes like refreshers, those little sweets from when we were kids

To help keep my skin in check.  I've not used anything like this before - you take two a day, I'll do an update soon whether or not it works

for those awful water retaining times - I got this because herbal remedies were 3 for 2 in Boots, and though I'd give it a go.

I usually use Dermalogica but won't be seeing my beautician for a while to get some more.  I found this for the bargain price of £7, and it contains salicylic acid which is the key ingredient in the Dermalogica range I use.  So far, I'm pretty impressed!

Finally, here is an outift I wore on Sunday that I really loved.  The dress is vintage from the 1970s.

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