Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Young and fresh-faced

I usually try to avoid posting up close up picture of my face, but I really wanted to record a picture of my make up.  I have been wearing pink make up quite a lot lately - nude eyes, pink blush and baby pink lipstick, and I had a lovely comment that I looked very young and fresh faced (as opposed to haggard and tired like I usually look????). 
I'm hoping this picture is sufficiently blurred enough to hide all my blemishes and things I don't want people to see up close, but still gives an idea of the make up.

I have used:
Foundation - Dermalogica treatment foundation shade 1
Powder - Body Shop all in one face base shade 4
Mascara - Clinique lash power mascara in black

Lips - liner - body shop - lipstick - Boots number 7 moisture drench lipstick in ice pink

please excuse the towel - I'd not yet done my hair!

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