Sunday, 1 May 2011

My favourite Royal Wedding outfits

I started out on Friday by saying, I'd have it on in the background while I did other things.  Within half an hour I was addicted.  Not really through any sense of patriotic occassion, but more because of the amazing outfits that drapped the nobility as they stepped out of limo's, mercedes and carriages.  Of course listening to Boris J being interviewed is always worth the watch anyway, but seeing beautiful woman after beautiful woman entering the Abbey I was practically salivating at the couture on show.  Below are a few of my favourite outfits, of which I'm hoping soon Whistles or Topshop will be delivering their own versions of:

Not so much the style of Camilla's dress but I loved the colour

I love how Chelsea pulled off an off the shoulder number, and those accessories are amazing

Sam Cameron in Jade - Is Jade the new summer colour? I hope so.  And those shoes I need them!

Zara looks like a well wrapped Christmas present in silver and how much do I want those shoes?

My absolute favourite - Princess Victoria of Sweden reminds me of my peaches and cream barbie I had as a kid.  The colour, shape, style and fabric of this dress are gorgeous.  I wish it was mine.

Princess Letizia of Spain is so skinny she almost looks like SJP

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