Thursday, 19 May 2011

Boot-sale bargains and home-made fudge

The budget seems to be going well, though I have to admit through necessity more than anything as I physically don’t have enough cash in my bank account to buy anything.  Buying my prescriptions after my doctor’s appointment the other day pretty much wiped me out and I’m practically down to just pennies until pay day.  I’ve used the money I made by selling some things on ebay to buy Roy’s birthday presents so at least that is one thing.  Trying to sell a few more bits – boots and dresses etc.. to get a bit more cash to get him a few more things.  I’ll post about the fun bargains I’ve got him another time, just incase he reads this – don’t want to spoil the surprise.
To fill the gaps in my life left from browsing the shops, I have taken to going to car boot sales.  They are truly a treasure cove of exciting goodies if you can find your way past the junk and old shop stock.  I went to one last Sunday and managed to bag myself a lovely Christmas plate for 25p, and this ever so cute little owl necklace for the ultimate bargain price of 20p!

Ebay has also been kind to me and I’ve managed to pick up this gorgeous little necklace that doubles up as a watch for just £3.00, packed and shipped from Singapore.  I’ve had lots of compliments on it already I’m thinking I know what to get people for Christmas now!

I’ve also taken to entertaining myself in the home and have started baking and cooking a lot.  My latest yummy snack is home made chocolate fudge.  It’s very rich and creamy and I love it so much, but it is so full of sugar (it’s main ingredients are butter and chocolate) that it’s not kind on the waist-line.

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