Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What I wore today

Today I had one of those really good showers.  You know the type where you shave your legs, exfloiate all over, then follow it with moisturiser all over.  My products of today were:

Body shop - Maca root shave cream (men's section)
Johnson's holiday skin tanning moisturiser
Superdrug morroccan body scrub (I picked this up for 49p the other day - didn't expect much but it's actually pretty good.  It wasn't very graining, and I'm usually a big fan of the graininess, but it left my skin feeling the same as any grainy exfloliator did).

I thought it was going to be hotter than it was today so went tightless in the following outfit:

Dress from Laura Ashley
Blazer from Precis Petite
Bag from Mulberry (one of my key pieces from my first post)
Shoes from M&S

This was very much a going to work look.  You can't see very well but I also had red accessories.

And the picture below is one I found on my iphone I quite liked as it reminded me of my last House of Fraser splurge before I had to start the budget.  £400 worth of goodies (though that did include a wedding outfit for my sisters wedding in the winter).

Skirt from River Island
Top from Topshop
Shoes from John Rocha at Debenhams

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