Saturday, 7 May 2011 did that happen?

OK, so I think that the budget has now officially been broken and needs to start again, after a quick trip to town today to buy some insoles for my lew Louboutins.  All I can say is, House of Fraser, Jaeger, and SALE!!!!!!!

I even introduced Roy my lovely other half to the world of Jaeger where all of their suits were reduced to £125.  He is now a true convert and is trying to think of reasons he would need a suit (he teaches special needs so is dress down for work).  I told him he'll have to start taking me out to somewhere more romantic than Burger King.  I have a feeling next Saturday we'll be going back and buying a suit.  While we were there I saw the yellow/grey sort of giraffe print scarf I first spied whilst browsing their website just before Christmas and couldn't bring myself to justify £90 on a scarf.  Today - can you believe it - £10!  I was one happy bunny after that.  Besides.  £10 is nothing really - it fits with my allowanc for the month (though it is only 7 days in).  I can afford a cheap scarf.

A quick look around the House of Fraser we said, then get a Cafe Nero milkshake then head home to study a bit.  Let's just see if they have the shoes you like Roy said.  Big mistake - HELLO SHOE SALE.  The most beautiful pair of Nine West pumps in a lovely blue colour and they fit perfectly.  No price though - I'll just ask I said, expecting them to be about £40.  Oh, they're £9 the woman said.  £9 I repeated, surely I'd misheard.  That's right she said.  WRAP THEM UP!!!!  That is a massive £76 off the original price of £85!!! 

So I've come home from town having spend £19 but got two great pieces that I am so happy with, though am feeling the whole buyers remorse thing you get, especially considering I'm meant to be saving to move house.

Life is full of hard decisions, and when it comes to shoes, I need to be stronger.

On a different note, in town we did see a swan carring the cutest little cygnet on its back - all fluffy and grey.  Tried to get a photo but it hasn't come out too great but you can just about see it.

Also showing a picture of my inspiration while I type this - cup of tea in my Starbucks mug and scented candles filling the air with a gorgeous autumnal smell..... mmmm...mmm...

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