Friday, 6 May 2011

Budget update

The budget is hard, and it's only been a week!  Although shopping in my own wardrobe is fun and I'm enjoying putting together outfits from what I already have, I still find myself lusting after items like the Whisltes Carrie skirt, some new vintage jewellery.

I have in my quest for saving money while still satisfying my passion for clothes and accessories come upon a few bargains on etsy and ebay, and have decided to sell some of my things I no longer need or want (and all the things I have that don't really fit that well but seemed a good idea at the time).  It's actually working out quite well and I've said that any money I get from selling things can be used to buy new things (providing they are ebay or etsy bargains).  I've aslo started taking part in some clinical trials at work to earn a bit of extra cash.  Last week it was giving my opinion on different cat foods (not tasting just smelling and looking much to my relief) and next week it's toothpaste.  The cash I get from this will be used to pay off my credit card bill which is currently a bit high thanks to my few whimsical weeks of a House of Fraser spree and purchasing a pair of Louboutins (which I'm still waiting to arrive).

This morning I made about £5 on ebay selling a next jumper and have used the money to buy a nice little stag pocket watch necklace for £3.00 (1p plus £2.99) from a Chinese ebay seller.  Will have to wait about a month for it to arrive, but can't wait to see it.

Speaking of waiting for things to arrive - I'm still waiting for a sterling silver chamilla style bracelet I bought of an etsy seller a month ago - why do international delivery times have to be so long.

In the meantime, yesterday I made fantastic use of my whistles black dress, teaming it for work with some Star by Julian MacDonald (yes a Debenhams crime, but they were animal print and reduce to £12 in the sale) shoes.  I put over it my red Precis blazer, which I'm thinking should have been included in my list of key items as I've worn it three times this week and I tend to wear it a lot.

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