Friday, 13 May 2011

Bad days and pretty things.

What an awful day - woke up feeling exhausted, and so glad it was Friday.  Spent the entire day looking forward to the evening when I could enjoy my usual Friday night curry and put my feet up.  Got home at early, then Roy said, let's go to Curry's and buy that Dyson you've wanted, it's on offer for £200.  YAY!!! so off we head to Curry's, get there, look at the Dyson ball we want.  It turns out to be tiny.  Size isn't everything quoth I (a motto I live by being only 5 foot!), let's try it out.  The lovely guy in the shop lets us test it, and suddenly I find  myself hoovering the floor of the shop.  It was so weak though it would never be powerful enough to get up all of my cat's hair.  Then we see the bigger version, which is on offer in the Dyson pet range on offer at £289.  I love it!  Glides like hot butter in a pan, and revs like an engine.  You could see the difference in the floor immediately.  I want it, I need it.  We buy it on the proviso that when we get home Roy will see if he can get it cheaper somewhere else and if he can, we take it back and get it elsewhere.

Arrive home, get out of my car which I've owned for about a month now, which I got so that I don't have to do the four buses a day journey to and from work.  Press the lock button, the car won't lock.  Repeatedly trying, Haynes manual out, we finally get it to lock.  Now it won't unlock.  So my car is now sat outside of my house locked, but we can't get into it!  Bless my dad who has agreed to come around tomorrow to have a look at it.  But now I'm stressed about that.  Plus we've got a viewing on the house tomorrow and I was going to use my new Dyson to hoover everywhere, but now I've got to use my rubbish old hoover.  So basically, I've got a new dyson in my living room that I can't use, and I have to wait ages for my boyfriend to order the one he's found cheaper onlline, and my car is bust!  Happy Friday night!!

To try and cheer myself up I've looked through all my bits and bobs and decided to post up some photos of things that I think look lovely and make me feel happy.  Hope it works!

Pret gingerbread men - or should I say, Godfrey's

Diet Pepsi


My new free sticker photo 

Baking (this book will be on my birthday list)


The lovely Miss Maddie, the best cat ever

As I type, things are looking up, and woo hoo, we're keeping the Dyson, and our curry is here.  Maybe it will be a good Friday night.  

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