Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekend wearing and budget update

I finally got paid!!! Thank goodness - I seem to have been waiting ages for this payday.  Not that I can now go out and shop 'til I drop, as after transferring the bulk into my joint acccount for bills, a chunk into my savings and allocating the rest on things like petrol and food, I've not go much to play with.  There are so many lovely things in town that I could so easily buy, and many that I am truly lusting after (the new Kiki skirt in Whistles being one of them), it's hard not to give in.

I have learned that not trying things on is a good way to prevent me from buying things, and I have been getting my shopping thrills vicariously through my mum who bought a beautiful Monsoon dress the other day.

Still, shopping and fashion do make me happy and I needed a little pick me up after not getting an interview for a job I applied for in a different department at my work.  My self esteem got a little low and I needed picking up.  I allowed myself a little bit of cash £25 to fit in with my budget, to get myself a treat.

I managed to actually get so much, and I love it all.  I bought a pair of shoes in M&S reduced from £49 to £15, a vintage 1970s dress off of ebay for about £6, and a 1980s vintage pleated skirt from ebay for about £3 that reminded me of a dress I'd once seen Claudia Schiffer wear.  I also got a free Reiss dress top with my latest Elle edition.  I don't usually wear the free things I get with magazines, but I particularly liked this item, and I love the Reiss clothing lines.  This looks more in line with the Reiss 71 range rather than their usual line, as it's quite funky and laid back.  I love it though.  I also got a few perfume samples from the House of Fraser to try - I'm quite liking the new Bulgari perfume, but it's £55 a bottle and so at the moment out of my budget.  In a few weeks if I've got any of my spending budget left I may treat myself.  I do love perfume samplers though - they are a great way to try out new scents.

I'm really loking forward to wearing the dress - I always find it hard to dress in the summer, and find it hard to get inspiration from Ms S as most of the photos of her are wearing winter clothes, like my new favourite of her in a simple blue jumper with scarf and jeans - I really want to try this look, but it's too warm at the moment.  Still, I'm sure the Great British summertime will prevail and grant me with a cold spell!

I also had my hair appointment on Saturday - I didn't get highlights this time but got the most gorgeous shade of brown and had a fringe put in - a nice thick full fringe like Claudia had at the end of 2009.  I really liked it, I felt like a movie star, and I think it gave me th econfidence to wear some of my new things, or wear my old things in ways I've not done before.

I've also been posting to Chictopia a lot recently, and the readers and bloggers on there are just the loveliest people and everyone leaves the nicest comments that are real confidence boosters.  It's also great for giving me inspiration on what to wear, and how to mix up my wardrobe in interesting ways.  With that and Claudia to look to, maybe one day I'll be the best dressed person in my street?

 My dress (right) and Claudia in her summer dress.

 My M&S shoes

 The green pleated 1980s skirt.  Roy and I went out to dinner on Saturday night and this is how I wore it.

 My new hair, the new Reiss T-shirt that was free with Elle, and my new shoes - Saturday afternoon having a milkshake with Roy, my sis and her fiance in town.

The perfume samples.

My new favourite photo of Claudia - I so want to try this outfit.  I have a fab blue Gap jumper I can use.

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